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Your photobooth includes one hour of "down time". If you would like the booth set up earlier you will be charged $20 per hour for additional photobooth "down time". For example: If your photobooth run time begins at 7pm we can have it set up by 6pm for no additional fee. If you would like it set up by 5pm there will be an additional $20 fee. If you would like it set up by 4pm there will be a $40 fee and so forth. Others choose to have the hour of down time during dinner. For example: We set up by 6pm, the booth runs from 6-7, then there is an hour of down time for dinner, then the booth runs from 8-11. *
Our photobooth takes about a 10x20' space with props table and requires a standard power outlet. We also recommend that the booth be in a place that is not congested (avoid having the booth by bars, bathroom, or elevators.) *
Ocassionally the photobooth needs to be closed briefly to change the paper. This should only take a few minutes. *
Sometimes your guests have a little fun in the booth and request that their print not be included in your book of prints. In this case not all of the prints will not end up in the book for you. You will still get all of the images on a disk.
If your photobooth is outdoors we need a solid place for it to stand and standard power. Also, quite often wind blows the drapes around so we recommend going with your photobooth "open air" style without the drapes. Also, because lighting conditions outside can change rapidly, we cannot fully guarantee a perfect exposure for every image. Also, in the event of rain the booth would need to be taken down immediately and moved indoors or closed if no indoor space is available. There are no refunds in this event. *
I understand I need to have a standard power outlet available at the outdoor photobooth location. *
For a wedding, we generally include the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.
If your photobooth attendant does a terrific job at your event you are welcome to tip them. it is not required, but if they do a great job it is always appreciated. *